Naboso Insole 1.5mm
Naboso Insole 1.5mm
Naboso Insole 1.5mm
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Naboso Insole 1.5mm

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Naboso proprioceptive insoles available in small, medium, large or extra large. Textured surface inspired by the power of barefoot science. Move better, decrease foot, muscle and joint pain, improve professional athletic performance.

The features of the Naboso 1.5 include:

  • 1.5mm texture technology surface
  • 3.5mm total thickness
  • evidence-based hardness to maximize stimulation
  • freedom of rotation and triplanar movement
  • cut to your own size options.

Fitting guide: If you have a wide foot, please buy a larger size. You can cut the length of your insole down to your fit. Cutting the insole will not damage it in any way.

Cut to your own size: 10 step process

  1. Measure one of your current correct fitting insoles
  2. Refer to sizing chart
  3. Purchase appropriate Naboso Insole
  4. When received place one of the Naboso Insole against current insole with toe of Naboso and your Insole matching
  5. Mark heel end with pen
  6. Cut along pen mark at heel end
  7. Match up other Naboso Insole to mark with pen at heel end
  8. Cut other Naboso insole along pen mark at heel end
  9. Place adjusted Naboso Insoles into shoes
  10. Enjoy the benefits of Naboso Insoles.

Proper fit:

The Naboso insole was designed to accommodate the unique shape and size of different footwear and therefore can be carefully cut to fit the shape of your current insole. To match the exact shape of your footwear, we recommend tracing your existing shoe insoles onto the Naboso Insole and cutting away the excess material.

Proper use:

Due to the unique design of the Naboso Proprioceptive Insole, we recommend that they be worn barefoot – or with very thin socks if necessary. If you notice a sensitivity to the texture, then we recommend gradually increasing Naboso insole use by 30 minutes each day.

Naboso Proprioceptive Insoles were designed to be used in all footwear – including runners, work shoes, cycling shoes, soccer cleats, ski boots and everything in between. All ages, all activities and all footwear will benefit from the proprioceptive stimulation of the Naboso Insole.